Happy 1234567890 Day, Unix Geeks

Paul Lilly

Stop a stranger in the street and ask them what today is and they'll most likely answer 'Friday the 13th.' But if someone tells you it's 1234567890 Day, you can bet they're a Unix geek. That's because at precisely 3:31:30 PM PST today, Unix clocks will read 1234567890.

Confused? Unlike traditional time, Unix time marks the number of seconds that have elapsed since January 1, 1970, which reaches 1.2 billion seconds today. The funky time system is also used by Linux, Java, JavaScript, Mac OS X, and more, says CNet.

Believe it or not, celebrations are being planned all around the world to mark the milestone. Those who live in San Francisco can raise a glass at The 21st Amendment on 563 Second Street, but parties are also being planned in places like Austria, Hungary, Dubai UAE, Armenia, and many other locales.

Image Credit: ThinkGeek.com

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