HandStand's Rotating iPad 2 Case Spins Your Tablet Right Round, Right Round

Paul Lilly

One of the downsides to Apple's Smart Cover for the iPad 2 is that it does nothing to protect the back of the tablet. That'll never do if you're clumsy or otherwise prone to scuffing up the back of your digital gadgets. This is where the third-party peripheral market comes into play, and a company called HandStand just released a rotating iPad 2 case that will have you singing Flo Rida's catchy "Right Round" as you spin your tablet, well, right round.

The HandStand2, as it's called, is a "rotational accessory that allows users to effortlessly spin the device 360 degrees for quick transition from landscape to portrait viewing and back again." There's also an integrated iPad stand with a slight incline to help with typing on the virtual keyboard.

It's made of silicone and includes a safety grip that purportedly conforms to the user's fingers, an elastic strap, and it's 100 recycled so you can sleep soundly knowing you haven't offended Mother Nature.

The HandStand2 comes in pink, black, and white and will be available for purchase in May for $50. If you pre-order one, you can receive a $10 discount by using the code HANDSTAND2.

Image Credit: HandStand

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