Hands-On with Lenovo's Shiny (and Tiny) IdeaPad S10


We met with Lenovo this afternoon to talk about some of their upcoming products (to be revealed in the coming weeks and months), and they brought along a pre-production sample of their recently announced IdeaPad S10 netbook. We couldn’t help but resist getting some hands-on time with this tiny portable, including snapping up a dozen photos for you to enjoy. The S10 we saw was a red 9” version that will ship in international markets, while the US edition will offer a 10.2” glossy screen and come in 3 color options (red, white, or black). All variations of the S10 will run Intel’s 1.6GHz Atom processor (45nm, 533MHz FSB, 512k L2 Cache), though the best thing about the IdeaPad has to be its $399 price point.

The $399 unit will come with 512MB Ram and an 80GB Hard Drive, while for $449, the memory and disk space are doubled to 1GB and 160GB, respectively. Both will ship with Windows XP (the 9" international version will come with an Linux option).

It's 10.2" LED backlit screen maxes out at 1024x600 WSVGA resolution, and is powered by the Intel GMA 950 integrated graphics chip. On the top of the display is an integrated 1.3 MP camera.

Other features: Multi-touch touchpad, stereo speakers, integrated wifi, ethernet, and bluetooth, express card slot, and 4-in-1 memory reader.

The S10 will ship next month.

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