Halo Developer's Next Game Coming to PC, Says Slideshow

Maximum PC Staff

Bungie may be best-known as the brains behind the world-shatteringly popular Halo series, but with Halo: Reach done and dusted, Bungie's moving on to greener (except not, because Master Chief was about as green as they come) pastures. As for what's next, we haven't the foggiest, but whatever it is, Activision's publishing it over the course of ten years. Yeah, it's going to be big. Better still, no more upturned noses or cold shoulders for us PC gamers.

According to a slide from Activision's presentation at the BMO Capital Markets 18th Annual Digital Entertainment Conference (as discovered by Big Download ), Bungie's new title is in development for “Con/PC/Online,” or consoles, PC, and, er, online. If true, this will mark Bungie's first return to internal PC development since Oni way back in 2001.

Better late than never, though, right? Plus, Microsoft owns Halo – not Bungie. It's not like they really had a choice in the matter. This time, however, Bungie's ensured that it'll retain full ownership of its new brand, so no worries there. Color us cautiously optimistic – just so long as Halo's teabag-happy community doesn't follow Bungie wherever it's going next.

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