HAF Stacker Microsite Demonstrates Case's Unique Features



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Sooooo much case DX

Looking at the comments tho this certainly has people looking forward to it, it's just too much for me atm hehehe

For a family gaming area this might be perfect using gaming grade ITX boards and stacking them.



Agreed. Kind of like a mini gaming farm using the ITX boards and stacking the smaller rigs (with good fans).



The secondary modular is the perfect place to plant the reservoir and radiator, among other things | Really sweet!



I honestly don't think its a bad idea. I've got two PCs set next to my desk.

I've got my gaming rig and I've got my server next to it that I use for application testing.

And... I've got another server downstairs for media stuff...

To be honest, I'd love to even build another rig to act as a desktop linux machine or a hackintosh. My main rig needs its precious SSD space for Windows and game goodies.

It'd be pretty cool if I could have it all in one sleek system.



So how many drives are in your gaming rig? you can always throw in a mechanical drive for cheap and run Linux on it (or OSX) if you've got a spare slot.
I've got a triple boot rig right now that does Windows 8 pro, OSX 10.9, and Debian 7 testing. Three separate drives, with Windows being on an SSD for gaming, while OSX and Linux are on a pair of 250GB hard drives to 'play around with".
Though I'm still in the process of virtualizing everything and run it on a Linux host.



I think the modular "Stacker" idea is brilliant and a terrible crying shame that it's been suggested for DECADES to case builders who routinely said that it wasn't practical... i.e. they didn't see it as profitable...

However modularity is clearly a tremendous benefit for this setup. It won't be everyone's cup-of-tea for certain, and I have my reservations about some aspects not knowing all the particulars and whatnot, but I am emphatically behind anything that gives the buyer more choice and control over the end result.

My immediate desire would be for not only a vertically modular, but also horizontally modular iteration of the Stacker idea so that you can make a "double wide" case for instance to run a PC and a server in one tower. Yes there are many pre-packaged options for this, but again this is for modularity.

Plus being able to just make the thing super wide to have all the hardware in one side, and a cavernous secondary case devoted entirely to a 3x3 radiator or two...

What? Don't look at me like that... That is -NOT- overkill... It's always JUST ENOUGH!

Anyway though, it'd be neat just to be able to make the base "double wide" with a middle and upper section single-wide so you can have dual power supplies or what-have-you, massively packed middle section, and radiators and what not up top.



This is pretty freaking sweet. It also beats having to make your own setup like this with hacking and cutting on cases.