Hackers Target NATO In The Name Of #AntiSec

Brad Chacos

Another day, another hacking story. If you thought the recent disbanding of LulzSec meant an end to the daily exploit updates, you thought wrong; plenty of other groups are wrangling for Lulzsec's crown as king of the headache-causing chuckleheads. Today's facepalm-inducing report involves a group called Inj3ct0r Team, who claim to have sneaked into a backup NATO server while waving the flag of Operation AntiSec, an anti-security movement popularized by LulzSec and Anonymous.

Inj3ct0r Team backed up its boast by posting a 50 MB backup of 2646 files from "NATO Tomcat 5.5 Servlet Backup" on the MediaFile file hosting website, ComputerWorld reports . IT News Australia says that the group claims to have compromised the server using a private zero day exploit to gain access. NATO hasn't issued any comments, and Inj3ct0r Team's claims of server pwnage have yet to be officially confirmed.

Digging around inside the files reveals a boastful text document created July 3rd. "NATO lamers! I've been watching you day and night since then! W00t! Your Machines rooted! Servers restored to default! what else! F**k you and your crimes! and soon enough all your stupid ideas will be published on WikiLeaks!"

Sigh. At least Sabu and the other LulzSec folks kept things amusing while they kicked us in the collective junk. Inj3ct0r Team's 1337 name and  less-than-graceful message signals a return to the days of getting raked over the coals by groups who sound like they earned their trash-talking chops while griefing teammates on Xbox Live. Yay!

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