Hackers Nab Norton Antivirus Source Code

Brad Chacos

Who watches the watchmen? Alan Moore took a long, hard look at that question in the classic Watchmen graphic novel, but today we finally got a firm answer – at least if by “watchmen” you mean “computer security companies.” Symantec got the virtual equivalent of egg in the face after an Indian hacking group going by the name of “The Lords of Dharmaraja” managed to get their digital hands all over the Norton antivirus source code.

Actually, as embarrassing as it is, the theft isn’t as bad as it sounds. According to The Register , Norton confirmed that the hackers indeed had a portion of source code, but from a 2006 enterprise version of the software, not anything recent or consumer-focused.

“This does not affect Symantec's Norton products for our consumer customers,” Norton said in a statement to the website. No current versions of enterprise software are considered vulnerable either, and at this time, Symantec doesn’t believe any customer data was stolen.

So how’d it happen? That’s up in the air. All Symantec will own up to is that the breach occurred from a third party, not its own servers. Still, plenty of people must be might red-faced right about now.

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