Hackers Breach Linux Foundation Websites

Brad Chacos

Even as Microsoft’s busy pulling the curtain back on its upcoming Windows 8 operating system, somebody’s trying to shove Linux, the open-source OS alternative, into a bag and toss it into a river. A couple of weeks ago, we reported that kernel.org, a Linux source code repository, fell victim to a hack attack that compromised users of the site (but not the Linux source code itself). Now, other Linux websites find themselves under assault, too.

Linux.com and LinuxFoundation.org are now offline due to a security breach discovered on September 8th, Computerworld reports . Neither houses the Linux kernel or code repositories. The administrators feel the attack is connected to the recent breach at kernel.org . The Linux Foundation is asking users of their sites to take the same precautions needed in the kernel.org aftermath.

“As with any intrusion and as a matter of caution, you should consider the passwords and SSH keys that you have used on these sites compromised,” a placeholder message on the site reads . “If you have reused these passwords on other sites, please change them immediately.” The site explains the need to change passwords in the wake of the attack: “The Linux Foundation does not store passwords in plaintext. However an attacker with access to stored password would have direct access to conduct a brute force attack.”

Meanwhile, Linux.com email addresses should be operating normally. So: who has a bone to pick with Linux?

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