Hacker Leaderboard Gives Script Kiddies a Purpose

Paul Lilly

Picture the stereotypical teen in his mom's basement sitting behind a PC and running a malicious script on some random website. Is he part of the AntiSec movement? That's one possibility. But with the creation of RankMyHack.com , script kiddies and hardcore hackers alike now have a points-based leaderboard to try and rise in rank among their underground peers.

Credit goes to the U.K.'s Telegraph for discovering the leaderboard, which has attracted a little over 700 members in less than a month. Points are awarded to hackers who submit proof of their exploits, and the bigger the site, the more points at stake. For example, a hacker who goes by "Mudkip" received 1.67 million points for hacking huffingtonpost.com, while "bradandrews" received 300,000 points for a security breach against mapquest.com. Some sites aren't worth any points at all, and others, like goog.ly (also hacked by bradandrews) are worth just one point.

"Up until now, when you met another hacker on an IRC or forum, there was no way to indicate if that hacker had any skills whatsoever. RankMyHack.com was built to give a clear indication of a hacker's general abilities. It also serves the purpose of tracking a hackers hacking achievements under their current alias allowing for other hackers to quickly establish the caliber of hacker they are talking to," the website's creator explains.

The site's creator, who goes by the handle "s0lar," claims he's a computer science student and insists he isn't out to create the next Anonymous or LulzSec. However, the site does put bounties on certain hidden targets (you have to be a member to view them) as a way to "provide a politically constructive target for hackers' talents regardless of abilities."

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