Habey's BIS-6620: Tiny Computer with Plenty of Connectivity, No OS

Maximum PC Staff

The Habey BIS-6620 is petite, and it certainly does offer options for connectivity and integration, but is it ready to compete with the big boys as a digital entertainment center?

Specs are reasonable . The BIS-6620 has an Intel Atom Z510 CPU running at 1.1GHZ, with a 400MHZ front-side bus, and an Intel US15W chipset with GMA500 graphics. It can hold up to 2GB of memory in a single DDR2 slot.  Storage is whatever you can fit into a 1.8-inch internal HDD/SDD SATA II bay. Built-in is a hardware decoder that allows full hardware acceleration of H.264, MPEG2, MPEG4, VC1 and WMV up to 1080p. And it can be mounted to a TV or LCD with the included VESA mount kit.

Connectivity includes four USB 2.0 parts (two front, two rear), a PS/2 port (you never know), a Compact Flash and SD card slot, headphone and microphone jacks, 10/100/1000Mbps ethernet, an S-Video port, and a VGA port. (There’s a second version of the BIS-6620 which replaces the VGA port with an DVI port.) Wi-Fi is optional, via an internal USB connection.

Shortcomings? The BIS-6620 only supports Windows Embedded, Windows XP, Vista & Linux--but it doesn’t ship with any of the above. Nor does it come with a hard drive. And it might not come with RAM. Of course, if you plan to actually enjoy your 1080p output, wouldn’t HDMI make more sense than VGA?

If the BIS-6620 a must have for you, it's available at Newegg for $299.99.

Image Credit: Habey

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