Habey Rolls Out Palm-sized Mini PC


Habey is not really a household name and the only time it invites some attention is whenever it announces a new HTPC or mini PC. This time Habey has defied obscurity to announce the launch of  a palm-sized mini PC that is based on Intel's new Atom E6xx Tunnel Creek CPU (-/0.6GHz/1GHz/1.3GHz) . The BIS-6622 is the latest in a series of embedded fanless PCs, and one of the earliest products utilizing the Atom E600 SoC (system on a chip) that was announced last week at IDF 2010.

This lilliputian product features 2GB of RAM, 1x 1.8” internal HDD/SSD bay with SATA II support, and an integrated graphics engine clocked at 400MHz. The graphics engine supports DirectX 9 graphics and OpenGL ES2.0. It is capable of accelerating video in various formats up to 1080i resolution at 30fps. The display interfaces supported by the BIS-622 include HDMI, VGA, HDMI via SDVO, and VGA via LVDS. It also wears a couple of USB slot on the front, one on the back, and a mini PCI Express slot. The full spec sheet is available here . There is still no word on pricing and availability.

Image Credit: Habey

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