Habey Launches A Post-it Note Sized x86 Computer Capable of HD Decoding

Maximum PC Staff

Have you ever dreamed of a future where you could hold fully functional x86 computer in the palm of your hand capable of playing back not just one, but two 1080p video streams at once? We can’t imagine why you would, but hey it certainly makes for an awesome tech demo right? A little known company by the name of Habey has released the SOM-6670 E6XX, a post it note sized computer module sporting the Atom E600 1.0 Ghz CPU, along with an integrated GMA600 GPU.

This CPU/GPU combo is the same set powering the current generation Boxee Box, and supports full HD video hardware decoding. Additional thickness is added when you factor in the I/O ports and a storage solution, but this is still a fairly impressive offering for OEM’s seeking out the smallest x86 form factor possible.

Chipsets like this are fairly common in the ARM world, but it does show that Intel is starting to narrow the gap. Maybe an x86 powered Smartphone isn’t so far fetched after all.

See the SOM-6670 In Action (Video)

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