Gunnar Wants You to Look Cool in Your 3D Specs

Ryan Whitwam

One of the oft-repeated complaints about 3D video technology is the requirement that people wear glasses. While Gunnar Optiks isn’t out to change that, they would like to offer you the opportunity to look good while viewing your 3D content. Gunnar’s new line of 3D glasses will include versions for all major 3D technologies, but will have an eye toward style. Let’s face it, isn’t that really what it’s all about?

The company plans to use its i-AMP lens technology to produce a higher quality set of specs. Most 3D glasses use flat plastic lenses, but the i-AMP lenses will be curved like normal lenses. Gunnar president Rob Arnes explained, “Currently most eyewear used in 3D systems is either disposable or of low-quality construction. With our expertise in optics and our commitment to the digital world, we see the opportunity as a natural fit.”

Gunnar Optiks makes the claim that the glasses help reduce eye strain, and make for a better image. Some agree with that assessment, but it’s far from a consensus. If you’re interested, the 3D shades should be out in Q2 and priced from $89 to $149.

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