Gun-Mounted Pico Projector Lets You Game Anywhere

Maximum PC Staff

Shoot ‘em up, shoot ‘em up, pow, pow! ” Gamers have finally been freed from the confines of their measly 24-inch high definition LCD screens. Making use of a pico projector mounted on a wireless game gun , Microvision has devised a way to make gaming more fluid and physically participatory . (The Wii doesn’t count.)

Our colleagues at Gizmodo see some flaws in the present incarnation of the device. And it’s hard not to disagree. You’d need a pretty slick spherical surface to play on, and the pico projector doesn’t provide all that detailed an image. Plus, the whole set-up still limits you to a fixed screen size.

But the upsides are more realistic motion effects, and a better upper-body workout than offered by a keyboard and mouse.

Admittedly not ready for primetime, it is nonetheless a pretty neat proof-of-concept experiment. And who knows? It just might be the precursor for a new niche in PC gaming.

Image Credit: Microvision

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