GTX 760 Video Card Roundup



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The MSI twin frozer 760 gtx is great for video editing. It's running at a cool 25c with the fans at 35% and that's in the overclock mode. I can't hear the twin fans, but that's due to the massive cooling system that includes a 250mm fan and three 140mm fans. It's really not that loud. The speeds I get with video editing from what I can figure are around up to around 400 fps on a simple edit. That's based on a four minute movie produced in 20 to 25 seconds. Cuda makes a huge difference when a video program can use it. I'm using the new version of Cyberlink powerproducer 12 but most of the programs in the last few years from Magix, Corel,Sony, and others take advantage of cuda. Even freemake video converter makes use of the cuda in the 760. I also have an Amd 8 core processor which works with the 760 very well even if it's sold as a gamers gpu. Don't ask me how it works with games because I don't have any.



Wow, Intel and Nvidia must be sackin up together. Rebranding has gotten to be contagious in their camps. At least one box has some hope of an upgrade. '20% cooler, vastly quieter'



I love what you guys do and the articles. First and foremost. I really wish you guys would follow this up with a comparison of the cards benchmarked and overclocked. It's a shame the article didn't already have this but I'm guessing you need to wait till you actually have the cards in hand? Keep up the hard work. Also, any plans on doing youtube videos in these articles?



Hey doc,

This is more of a news story than an in-depth benchmarking feature. We will review the cards when we get them! Thanks for the feedback!



how do 2x760's compare to 2GTX 660ti Asus versions,and both in SLI.



GTX 760 is an eensy teensy bit faster than 660TI. Only a couple percentage points I wouldn't worry about it