GTX 760 Video Card Roundup

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Video card vendors have an overclocking frenzy with Nvidia’s newest GPU

Nvidia dropped its new GTX 760 this week and gave gamers a cheaper 700-Series card in the process. MSI , Gigabyte , Asus , and EVGA have all recently announced overclocked $260 versions of the card as a result.


MSI recently launched its GTX 760 Gaming edition video card and adorned it with its new aftermarket Twin Frozr IV cooler. The video card features a core clock of 1,085MHz and a boost clock of 1,150MHz, and sports 2GB of video RAM with a clock of 6,000MHz. MSI claims that the card tops out at 71C and 22 dB under load.

MSI’s Gaming GTX 760 gets the similar PCB and black and red color scheme that its Gaming GTX 770 has.

Along with the release of the new video card, MSI also released a new version of its Gaming App, an overclocking tool designed to let gamers change the clock and fan speeds of its video cards.


Gigabyte dispatched an overclocked GTX 760 outfitted with its Windforce cooler. The firm’s new card features the same 1,085MHz and 1,150MHz core and boost clock that MSI’s GTX 760 Gaming uses.

Gigabyte’s triple fan Windforce cooler, first seen on the GeForce GTX 770, also cools Gigabyte's GTX 760.


Asus decided to bring its Direct CU II cooler to the GTX 760 party and slightly overclocked the card to have a core clock of 1,006MHz and a boost clock of 1,072MHz. The video card also supports the newest version of GPU Tweak, Asus’s overclocking software. Asus says that its GTX 760 delivers 20% better cooling, and is vastly quieter than the reference card.

Asus’s Direct CU II cooler attaches itself to another 7-Series GPU.


EVGA released eight GTX 760s equipped with a variety of different cooling configurations and clock speeds. The most notable thing about EVGA is that it is the only OEM currently offering a GTX 760 card with 4GB of video RAM.

EVGA brings its newly designed ACX Cooler to the GTX 760.

You can check out the rest new EVGA GTX 760’s here on the EVGA website .

The performance of all of the cards should provide a boost in performance over the stock-clocked GTX 760. Look out for the reviews of these cards in the near future.

Below is a chart showing the differences and similarities between the new GTX 760 cards.

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