G.Skill's New Sniper Memory Takes Aim at Gamers, Modders, and Gun Enthusiasts

Paul Lilly

We've seen a lot of funky looking RAM kits, from ones with finned heatspreaders to others with flashing LED lights. But we can't recall a memory kit that's ever looked as rugged as G.Skill's new Sniper series. If you're not rocking a case window, the Sniper series will have you rethinking that decision.

G.Skill says its new RAM is aimed at gamers and modding enthusiasts. Each kit supposedly undergoes extensive compatibility tests on a wide range of Intel and AMD platforms, so they should run the same no matter what other hardware you have under the hood.

The Sniper series is available in 8GB, 12GB, 16GB, and 24GB capacities and clocked at either 1333MHz or 1600MHz. Voltage varies by kit; some are rated at 1.25V and others at 1.35V, 1.5V, and 1.6V. Finally, the Sniper series comes in either "Metallic Army Green" or black.

No word yet on price or availability. NRA membership not included.

Image Credit: G.Skill

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