G.Skill's Low Profile 'Ares' RAM Cures the Big Cooler Blues

Paul Lilly

Oversized air coolers are quickly becoming the norm, and that's great for keeping your CPU chilled to its cores. What's not so snazzy is the footprint that accompany these monstrosities, and in some cases, they can physically interfere with your RAM. It's part of the reason why there are low profile DDR3 memory kits, such as the new Ares series from G.Skill that's available in frequencies up to 2133MHz.

G.Skill's colorful kits come in orange or blue and measure just 3.2cm high so as not to interfere with "super large" CPU coolers, or to take up the least amount of space possible in small form factor (SFF) and other undersized systems. Despite their small size, G.Skill is pitching its Ares series as being overclocking friendly.

Ares kits ship in sticks of two or four and are available in capacities ranging from 8GB go 32GB. Each one is supposedly hand-tested with a "rigorous internal validation process" for stability and compatibility on both AMD and Intel systems.

Image Credit: G.Skill

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