G.Skill Unveils Ripjaws 4 Series DDR4 Memory Kits with Redesigned Heatspreaders



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LOL Building a new 8 core Intel is going to cost a arm and a leg =)



Is there a performance boost? According to Linus, on YouTube, after a certian mhz speed, there is no tangiable difference with Ram. heres hoping the DDR4 aspect changes that. Or perhaps there really just DDR3 but without the need to overclock it to achieve those rated speeds.
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It depends on how RAM dependent the operation you're doing is. I know two things for certain that show improvement from using faster RAM is if you use integrated graphics or file compression operations.

For games I can't quite pinpoint where faster RAM might help. I know that textures and such live in RAM if the video card isn't using it or is running out of VRAM to store it, but historically faster RAM hasn't shown to improve performance much.



That was true for a long time, but not anymore. Even MPC ran an article about RAM speeds affecting frames rates in recent games. BF4 saw the most benefit I believe - and there *was* a tangible benefit. Not huge, but if you're going top end, there is something to be gained by spending a little more for faster RAM.