G.Skill Launches 16GB DDR3L-2133 SO-DIMM Ripjaws for Laptops and Mini PCs



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John Pombrio

Eh? Can you even overclock memory on a laptop with heat issues galore? I am not sure why anyone would buy such fast SSD RAM for a laptop. For those of you who have gaming laptops, does this make sense?



I'm running a Clevo W230ST with a Prema BIOS mod that unlocked RAM settings to desktop-like detail. Would be interesting to see if there would be any added benefit, but it would likely be limited for laptops with dedicated graphics w/ VRAM. Heat shouldn't be a problem.

The real benefit would be seen on AMD APU's where the embedded GPU is dependent on system RAM. Some mini-itx boards use laptop RAM also.



I'd like to see it benchmarked with an appropriately-configured APU :)



I was wondering that myself. I think it would make more sense to make low-latency RAM instead of this super-high-speed RAM. I've been looking all over for DDR3L-1600 CL8 but haven't been able to find any.