G.Skill Launches Monstrous 48GB DDR3 Kit, Gloats

Paul Lilly

G.Skill didn't just go and release an ordinary 48GB kit of RAM, if such a thing can ever be ordinary, but according to G.Skill, this is also the world's only hand-picked, hand-tested, ultra-high capacity DDR3 memory kit for workstations.

The kit consists of 12x4GB memory modules clocked at 1,900MHz, each one outfitted with the company's Ripjaws series heatsink. Obviously home users need not apply, and further limiting their utility, G.Skill says its new kit is intended exclusively for EVGA's Super Record 2 (SR-2) motherboard.

So what's the point? Bragging rights, for one. But as a workstation kit, 48GB can come in handy for 3D rendering, data modeling, scientific applications, and other specialized tasks.

No word yet on price or availability, but let's be real, we're just here to gawk, right?

Image Credit: G.Skill

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