G.Skill Hurls New TridentX DDR3 Memory Kits at Ivy Bridge

Paul Lilly

With Intel having finally and officially launched its much anticipated Ivy Bridge platform yesterday, the floodgates have been opened for a new generation of parts and accessories designed to play nice with the Santa Clara chip maker's 3rd generation Core processors. One of those companies is G.Skill, makers of high performance system memory like the new TridentX DDR3 series.

Anyone is welcome to pick up a TridentX kit and run with it, however the new sticks are really designed for overclocking enthusiasts. To prove it, G.Skill posted a couple of screenshots showing a 16GB DDR3-2800 TridentX memory kit running at 3,320MHz and a 32GB DDR3-2666 kit running at 2,933MHz.

TridentX memory kits range in stock frequency from 2,400MHz to 2,800MHz in 8GB to 32GB capacities. Each kit sports a removable top fin for added flexibility when installing the RAM into cramped systems with large CPU coolers.

No word yet on price or availability.

Image Credit: G.Skill

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