G.Skill Bumps Up Phoenix SSD Series Warranty to 3 Years

Paul Lilly

One of the big advantages of owning a solid state drive (SSD) over a mechanical hard disk drive (HDD) is that SSDs are far more durable and less prone to failure. Nevertheless, having a warranty in place gives us all kinds of warm fuzzies, so we'll give G.Skill credit for extending the warranty on its flagship Phoenix SSD series from 2 years to 3 years.

"In order to provide a better service for its customers, G.Skill has extended the warranty to 3 years for all Phoneix series SSD, including Phoenix and the latest Phoenix Pro drives," G.Skill announced. "For the consumers who have already purchased any G.Skill Phoenix series SSD, G.Skill will also provide 3 years of warranty service too."

G.Skill's Phoenix (120GB) and Phoenix Pro (240GB) are some of the highest performing SSDs on the market, at least on paper. Built around the well regarded SandForce SF-1200 controller, both drives claim read and write speeds up to 285MB/s and 275MB/s, respectively.

Image Credit: G.Skill

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