G.Skill Adds 15 DDR3 Quad Channel Memory Kits to RipjawsZ Family

Paul Lilly

A memory kit for every occasion

G.Skill went a little nuts today (not necessarily a bad thing, mind you) and expanded its RipjawsZ line with a whopping 15 new DDR3 quad-channel memory kits, all of which the company claims have been optimized for Intel's Core i7 processor line for socket LGA2011 and X79 motherboards (Ivy Bridge-E, in other words). The new kits range in frequency from 1866MHz (10-11-10-30 timings) to a blistering fast 2933MHz (12-14-14-35 timings).

If you favor capacity over raw speed, two of those 15 kits are 64GB packages (8x8GB) running at DDR3-2666. They're not the fastest of the bunch, but at the same time, 2666MHz is hardly considered slow. In fact, G.Skill also rolled out four other 64GB kits at slower frequencies (1866MHz, two at 2133Mhz, and 2400MHz).

While overclocking performance is never guaranteed, G.Skill said it was able to push one of its 16GB (4x4GB) kits to 3000MHz on air cooling using an Intel Core i7 4960X processor and Asus Rampage IV Extreme motherboard.

Good stuff, though we'll temper our excitement until pricing and availability becomes known.

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