gScreen's Dual-Screen SpaceBook Laptop Finally Up for Pre-Order

Maximum PC Staff

While not quite in the Duke Nukem Forever league, gScreen’s SpaceBook has truly earned its stripes as “delayware.” The product in question is a dual-screen notebook that was first announced in 2009 but never released. It now seems that the dual-screen notebook is finally ready for market action. gScreen, the Alaska-based startup behind the SpaceBook, is now taking pre-orders for its flagship product.

Originally conceived as a 15.4-inch notebook powered by Intel’s C2D processors, it now sports two 17.4-inch displays and is powered by last-gen Intel Core i5 and i7 processors. Here are the specs of the two variants currently up for pre-order :

Given its history, it's eerie that gSpace hasn’t revealed when it will begin shipping the SpaceBook.  Also, what’s with the first-generation Intel Core iX processors?

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