GScreen Spacebook Offers Dual-Screen Mobile Computing, for a Price

Ryan Whitwam

For those times when portability is absolutely, positively, not a concern, there will soon be a new choice in “mobile” computing. The GScreen Spacebook is a chunky little laptop that packs dual slide-out 17-inch LCD panels. After quite a lot of build up, the computer finally has a ship date this November.

The Spacebook weighs in at a backbreaking 10-pounds, but you get a lot of processing might for that price. The device will come with a Core i5 or i7 CPU, up to 8GB of RAM. 500GB of hard drive space, and a GeForce GTS  250 with 1GB of vRAM. To cut down on the weight as much as possible, the Spacebook has a Magnesium alloy frame.

The two screens slide out symmetrically, with one emerging from behind the other. The 17-inch panels are 1920x1080, which makes for a solid pixel density at that resolution. If you really need this kind of mobile workstation, the Sapcebook is going to be selling at a price commensurate with its high weight. The entry level version will go for $1899, and can be specced out for $2099

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