GSC Trickles Out STALKER 2 Details: More Survival Elements, No Compromises Because of Consoles, New Engine

Maximum PC Staff

STALKER's back for another irradiated Russian romp, and this time, GSC Game World's not playing around. No clear skies, no Pripyats – just a good old-fashioned “2.” So then, what's in a (number-centric) name? GSC's broken its particularly thick veil of silence to divulge a few details.

Foremost, despite STALKER 2 being the first non-PC-exclusive entry in the franchise, it's still definitely a PC game at heart.

“Since we develop primarily on PC, you won't see any compromises in the PC version. The key difference between the PC and console versions will be the beauty of graphics (meaning PC will offer more of visual effects),” read a post on the game's official Facebook page .

Also in the “sure bet” category are new mutants, DX11 support, a brand new game engine, more secret underground complexes, an increased focus on survival elements, and more artifacts. The faction wars system, meanwhile, has politely been told to take a hike.

Unfortunately, GSC's can't say for sure whether we'll be leaving our winding trails of urine (“Invisible radiation monster eeeeeeeeeeeek”) through a completely open version of the Zone or one that's been chopped up with load times. Here's hoping for the former.

All in all, it's sounding pretty darn promising so far. Granted, the majority of the game could still be a drawing on a napkin for all we know. For now, the release date's “sometime in 2012,” which is roughly seven years off in dog years and “Whoa, that's nearly two Call of Duties from now!” in impatient-yet-paradoxically-ADD-riddled-gamer years.

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