Grooveshark's Streaming Music App Pulled from Android Market

Pulkit Chandna

Grooveshark will no longer be able to serenade Android users as Google  pulled down the company's music app from the Android Market on Tuesday. The unceremonious removal, according to a Google spokesperson, was consistent with the company's policy of removing all those apps that violate its terms of service . But there could be a lot more behind the removal of Grooveshark's app than the rather  hackneyed clarification offered by Google suggests.

Interestingly, the app was pulled down just a day before today's U.S. House subcommittee hearing on internet piracy in which Google's general counsel Kent Walker is set to testify about the internet giant's antipiracy efforts. Grooveshark has been mired in legal trouble all its life and is currently involved  in a copyright suit filed by Universal Music Group.

Apple pulled down Grooveshark's app from its App Store within one week of its August 2010 launch, citing “objections from rightsholders.” So what took Google so long? Does this newfound copyright awareness have something to do with Google's upcoming cloud-based music service ? I believe Google would do anything to appease music lables at this stage.

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