Great Moments in Technology Instruction


At my past job, I was the tech guy; not because of my deep tech knowledge but because, I kid you not, I could copy and paste in a Word doc—and teach this skill to my boss. Let me tell you, few things are more disconcerting than sitting next to a guy who is pulling down six figures a year and teaching him how to highlight text.

I take that back.

What’s more disconcerting is sitting next to him while he practices and watching him as he says, “Click… highlight….” and then lets out a “Wheeeeeeeee!” as he highlights a line of text.
I’m sure many of you have experienced similar situations, which I’d like to collect in a semi-regular feature titled “Great Moments in Technology Instruction.” Leave your best in the comments.

As a bonus, I’ll also throw in this exchange we had one day:
Boss: Tom, do we sell our product on both the Internet and the Web?
Me: Well, I’ve got the Internet covered, but the Web is a bit more difficult. Give me a couple weeks.
Boss: OK, let me know when you finish.

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