Graphics Porn (August 2014): Cheat Technical Officer Jim2point0



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If you going to show off some awesome graphics porn at least get a better image display. Something actually full screen that you can immerse yourself in. As it stands, unless you download the picture then view it locally, the graphics look poor as if someone forgot to turn on their AA. Are you really going to show off the best images only to distort their resolution?



If you click the link under each image, it takes you to a link where you can view the full-resolution shot. :)



Wait...Cheat Engine? But I was only running Cheat Engine in the background! I wasn't using it before PB banned me! Said every cheater ever...



Can't say I've had any issues with Cheat Engine bans. I don't think punkbuster checks to see if it's running and then bans you. It actually has to be injecting itself into the game in question. And using Cheat Engine online is almost impossible since most things are handled over the server (cheat engine only modifies things in memory for your running executable). Although it is possible to use it in certain games with notoriously bad cheat detection... but I'm not going to name those games here :)

In any case, it's just my tool of choice to get control over the camera in a lot of games. It works well enough and allows me to do what I Need to do quickly, which is necessary given my time constraints :(