Graphics Guru Richard Huddy Leaves Intel to Rejoin AMD

Paul Lilly

AMD regains a graphics guru that it once lost to Intel

Technology is a sometimes fickle industry, especially when you're dealing with top level talent, of which there's a limited number to go around. One of those talents is Richard Huddy, a graphics expert who's been in and around the block a time or a dozen. Having left AMD in 2011 to work for Intel, AMD is putting the word out that Richard Huddy is returning , this time as a senior adviser to key technology executives.

Huddy is plenty experienced in the graphics industry. By AMD's own admission, Huddy had a "major impact" on Intel's graphics roadmap. He also helped develop DirectX and an assortment of visual effects during his professional career, which has seen him work at places like Nvidia, ATI, and 3DLabs. During his more than six years with AMD previously, he led the worldwide ISV engineering team.

AMD didn't say what specific projects Huddy will be working or advising on. Regardless, this is a major hire for AMD, especially with the company's focus on graphics across several divisions, including its APUs, dedicated graphics cards for PC gaming, console graphics, and mobile.

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