Grand Theft Auto V for PC Pops Up for Pre-Order on Amazon in Germany



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This is super awesome news, but I will be waiting until it has been out for a while before I buy. I had just gotten a new GTX 570 FTW when GTA IV came out and it...just...crawled. If Rockstar can't be bothered to make this one playable, I'll just wait for a Steam sale and a community patch, and Rockstar can get 2 bucks or whatever from me. If I hear it is actually optimized for PC, then I will go ahead and pay full price. Only way I know how to vote on this type of recurring issue with a studio is with my wallet.



Excellent news! Coming soon is better than not coming at all.

I'll wait until it's on Steam to buy it.

If it's anything like the last one, it will barely work on the most amazing hardware until the community is able to tweak and change it. Steam Workshop would be a great place to keep track of car mods, car spawners, texture packs for buildings and stores as well as all the other things the mod community did for the last title. I hope it's implemented like that.

For as wonderful as these games by Rockstar really are, their PC implementations have always been horrendously sub-par.



Steamworks is just not going to happen for addons. Its quite complicated to add content to any GTA game (GTA2 was easiest).



I'm kind of torn. Do I preorder this and accept the terrible treatment they have given PCs or, do I wait to buy it as a way to show them I don't appreciate it but run the risk of them continuing their poor optimization of ports because of lack of sales? Decisions decisions. At least this falls under the first world problems category.



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Never pre-order, unless you really trust the developer.
Just pick it up on a sale. By then there should be enough mods to make it entertaining.



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product Description

Grand Theft Auto V is being developed by Rockstar North , the creators of the series and is the largest and most ambitious to date title of the series . Located in the vast city of Los Santos and the surrounding region , offers Grand Theft Auto V, a game world on an unprecedented scale and detail that is bursting from the tops of mountains to the depths of the ocean with life.

Los Santos:
A sprawling , sun-drenched metropolis full of self-help gurus , starlets and forgotten celebrities . Once the envy of the rest of the Western world, the city is now in a time of economic uncertainty and cheap Reality TVs in the fight against ruin. Amid the chaos forge three completely different criminals their own survival and success plans : Franklin , a former street thug who is waiting for the right opportunity and big money , Michael , an experienced criminal and ex-prisoner , whose retirement is far less rosy than expected , and Trevor , a brutal psychopath to the search for a cheap drug intoxication and the next big thing drives . When the crew is no other way out , put the three in a series of daring and dangerous raids , with whom they had safe hands for the rest of their lives , everything on one card .


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