Grand Theft Auto V's Online Mode Looks Awesome

Paul Lilly

There better be a PC release

As if we weren't already looking forward to the release of Grand Theft Auto V , Rockstar Games has posted an official gameplay video showing off the upcoming title's persistent and continually expanding online world, and it looks flipping amazing. The fundamental GTA concepts are all present and accounted for, such as the freedom to go and do whatever you want, ambient activity, and mission based gameplay for multiple players.

You and your friends can band together and rob a bank or a liquor store, as well as work cooperatively to complete missions. If you'd rather fly solo, you can do that do, making enemies along the way.

Completing jobs will earn you money and reputation. The money you earn can be used to customize your character with new digs, better rides, more powerful weapons, and so forth. Once you start making some serious cash, you can think about buying an apartment or a garage to fill with custom vehicles.

Finally, the online mode will include a content creator allowing you to create your own races and death matches, which you can then share with other users.

Have a look for yourself, and then cross your fingers for a PC related announcement soon:

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