Grand Theft Auto V for PC Pops Up for Pre-Order on Amazon in Germany

Paul Lilly

Pre-order pages suggest a GTA V release to PC is imminent

Rockstar Games has stubbornly kept any possible plans to release Grand Theft Auto V to the PC platform close to its vest, but if history tells us anything, a Windows port is coming. Need more proof? Just direct your browser to some overseas online retailer pages where GTA V for PC is being flaunted for pre-order . These aren't just sketchy vendors, either -- is currently accepting pre-orders for the unannounced port.

According to several reports, was also taking pre-orders for GTA V for PC, though it's no longer listed. You can still find the title on , however, which is asking 59.99 euros (around $82 in U.S. currency). If you look around hard enough, you can find GTA V for PC at other places as well, such as , which lists the release date as being March 31, 2014.

These listings are the latest indication that the title is destined for Windows. Last week, our sister site PC Gamer reported on the existence of a 150-page bug log detailing issues arising from hundreds of GTA V builds tested up through August 2013. A reference to a "PC version" dates back to June 2012, and there are over 170 references to PC development bugs in all, as well as notes on DirectX 11 support and a smog weather setting.

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