Grand Theft Auto Online Gets Stuck in Traffic

Paul Lilly

It takes patience to be a criminal

Rockstar Games issued an update yesterday morning that unlocked Grand Theft Auto V's online gameplay component, but rather than smooth sailing once it flipped the switch, the debut of Grand Theft Auto Online proved a rocky road for many gamers, myself included. It's a two-fold problem of technical issues on Rockstar's side, and an influx of traffic from scores of gamers who eagerly awaited the update.

"For those trying to get into GTA Online today, please bear with us on some day one technical connection issues that we're working to stabilize ASAP," Rockstar Games posted to its Twitter account yesterday.

Pretty much as soon as Rockstar Games granted access to online gameplay, users began reporting problems logging into the service and loading missions. In my case, the game got stuck loading after creating a character, which is an issue others have reported running into as well.

In a blog post last week , Rockstar Games warned that there would likely be "teething problems" at the outset, and given the game's popularity and record breaking sales, these kinds of issues are hardly surprising, albeit annoying.

The latest update to GTA V not only adds online gameplay to the mix, it also fixes a handful of issues , including one where vehicles saved in garages would go missing.

And no, there's still no word on when Rockstar Games will get around to porting GTA V to PC -- boo!

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