Grand Theft Auto IV PC Release Full of Bugs

Nathan Grayson

Welcome to the latest installment of Disappointment Theater -- starring Your Life. Today's guest star: Grand Theft Auto IV! Wrecking one of the year's best games definitely seems like an impossible task, so read on and be astonished.

According to Steam 's fuming masses, as well as gaming site Shacknews , GTA IV's creepy crawlies are all over the place. Topping players' lists of things not to be thankful for, however, are missing textures (apparently caused by corrupt graphics drivers) and the ever-popular crashing bug, which can potentially keep you from even loading the game at all.

Fortunately, one intrepid Steam user has tossed together a forum thread outlining all known issues and possible fixes , so as a (highly prestigious) reward we're putting his name on the site. Thanks, Ramzy!

Additionally, while it's not exactly a bug, the majority of wannabe-crime lords are being forced to run their game of choice at low graphical settings -- a complaint to which Rockstar has issued a response:

"Higher settings are provided for future generations of PCs with higher specifications than are currently widely available," claimed the developer.

Rockstar also released a statement promising that it'll unscrew this pooch as quickly as possible.

So, unless you want to pay $50 for a glorified beta test, wait a couple weeks before taking the plunge.

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