Grammy Winner Sees the Brighter Side of Piracy


Piracy is a global pandemic which is taking heavy toll across various industries. The music entertainment industry being one of them, the mere mention of piracy to a musician should elicit a morbid facial expression. English R&B singer Joss Stone doesn’t flinch at the mention of piracy. She recently told an interviewee that she thinks piracy is brilliant. She perceives piracy as a wonderful way of sharing music.

"Yeah, I love it. I think it's brilliant,” Stone proclaimed. She further said that it doesn’t matter to her how people listen to her music “as long as you hear it.”

Stone comes across as an intellectual and philosophical artist and not as the archetypical entertainer – the ilk that frequents rehabs even when not on an addiction. Having given her a bit of credit for her rosy-eyed perspective, no philosophy can vindicate piracy.

Image Credit: Solar Navigator

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