GPUBoss Adds Commenting Feature, Launches to the Public

Paul Lilly

GPU comparison website helps nail down the exact graphics card you're looking for.

Last week we gave you heads up about , a new website that offers to do for graphics cards what does for processors , which is make it easy to sort through the available options and compare different models from a number of criteria. You can actually choose from over 40 criteria to find the video card that best fits your needs, and can sort by price, brand, gaming performance, noise, power, and performance per dollar. It's a pretty handy website and it's now open to the public.

A new feature the GPUBoss team added to the website since last week is the ability to use Disqus to comment on graphics cards. It's not a key feature of the site, though it could become one if enough people end up using it. Of course, the real draw is being able to sort through scores of graphics cards without feeling overwhelmed.

"One feature that makes GPUBoss different from existing hardware sites is the way it takes spec-heavy information and displays it in a more visual, easy-to-read format," GPUBoss explained to Maximum PC. "For example, looking up the AMD Radeon 7970 gives you an initial summary of how the graphics card performs for gaming and general computing, as well as how noisy it is and how much power it uses. But this is just the tip of the iceberg - enthusiasts can dig deeper through an array of beautifully rendered data to see a visual breakdown of those benchmarks and features."

Now that it's live, give GPUBoss a once over and let us know what you think, or check out CPUBoss if you're in the market for a processor.

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