GPU-Z Update Adds Support for 21 Additional Graphics Cards

Paul Lilly

One of our favorite utilities, GPU-Z, has yet to reach 1.0 status. We're not sure what the holdup is, but in the meantime, incremental updates keep rolling in, the latest one bringing the utility up to version 0.6.3 and adding support for nearly two dozen additional videocards in the process, along with improved Kepler boost clock detection, a handful of fixes, and other changes.

On the Nvidia side, GPU-Z 0.6.3 adds support for:

  • GT 620, 630, 640
  • GTX 660
  • Tesla M2090
  • Quadro 1100M, 5000M
  • NVS 5400M
  • G510M
  • GT 620M, 630M, 640M LE, 660M

And on the AMD side:

  • AMD Trinity
  • Radeon HD 7570, 7670
  • Radeon HD 6610M, 7550M, 7850M
  • Radeon HD 7520G, 7640G

TechPowerUp says you can also expect better stability under Windows 8, and less crashing overall in various situations. You can download the latest build here .

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