Got Power? EVGA's SuperNOVA 1600 G2 PSU Delivers 133.3A Over +12V Rail



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If anyone plans on fully loading this puppy, better get ready to install a 30A circuit breaker, deal with nuisance trips on a 20A circuit breaker, or constantly overload the typical 15A circuit. This bad boy pulls 17A at 120V.

How many typical homeowners have dedicated circuits for a single PC (monitor not included)? These things are getting stupid.

Guess it's time to upgrade to that 240V circuit.



I'd have to get a new circuit installed for something like that...

"Other features include 100 percent Japanese Nippon Chemi-Con solid state capacitors (no cheap knockoffs, is what this essentially means)"
^Brings to mind that scene from Back to the Future when Marty ends up in the 50s and Doc comments that everything from Japan is junk.



How long is too long for a PSU? This thing is massive. MSRP of $350; I have never known a single human personally that would ever pay that for a power supply for their home computer. Although it's nice to hear about the quality components inside.

The largest power supply I'm using in any of my systems is an 850-watt unit. I'm actually hoping for systems to become more efficient and use/require less power.



Is 1600 watts really necessary?

I mean unless you're running 2 PC's inside 1 case and want it to run off 1 PSU, OR you are filling up your case with "Dream PC" like parts, I can't think of any reason you would need this much power.

I am a big eVGA fanboy but, I think they're hitting a very small niche market here.


The Mac

try 2x 295x2s, or 2x TitanZs....



You wouldn't need near 1600 for those, this is for four card setups like 4 290Xs or 780 Tis. Even though those are dual GPU cards, they don't have the same power draw as 4 cards would.


The Mac

um, those are 4x cards....2x double cards.

and they absolutley do draw that much power.

a fully loaded i7 with 2x 295s and OCed cpu, memory, and GPU will indeed draw that much power

1500 watt PS recomended with no GPU OC.

"Our test system is very lean. However, your system is very likely not so lean. We suggest, if you are an "average" enthusiast computer user, a 1500W PSU will be required for AMD Radeon R9 295X2 CrossFire (QuadFire) usage. If however you have a heavily hardware loaded system, or you plan to overclock the R9 295X2 cards, then you will possibly need a 1800W PSU."



No way I will pay $350 for a PSU. I am using a Corsair TX850W that I paid $99 on sale a few years ago. $350? No way.