Google's Postini Suite Suffers Performance Woes

Paul Lilly

Users of Google's Postini suite of email security, management ,and archiving services have had to put up with some performance issues as of late, including service disruptions that began Tuesday afternoon and extended into the evening.

According to Google, which acknowledged the problem, "a significant subset of users" were unable to access Postini services, but the problem has since been solved. Mail flow was never affected, Google said, though the Administration Console and Message Center were both inaccessible during the hiccup.

This isn't the first time Postini has been problematic. Performance snags also occurred last Friday when about 10 percent of its users were unable to log into the Admin Console, message Center, and Message Archiving for about 45 minutes. In addition, Google last week announced it was waiving some fees for its App Engine hosted application development before of subpar performance for weeks, InfoWorld reports.

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