Google's Eric Schmidt Hints of a Nexus Tablet in Six Months

Paul Lilly

Google may be gearing up to launch a tablet of its own, one that could serve as a benchmark for other Android tablet makers to follow when designing their own slates. Eric Schmidt, Google's Executive Chairman, reportedly told an Italian newspaper during an interview that the search giant plans to market a premium quality tablet within the next six months.

A tablet was one of many topics Schmidt touched on when speaking with Italy's Corriere Della Sea , and by far the most interesting, even though he stopped well short of offering many specifics. He mentioned nothing of the hardware, how big it would be, or even if it would be an extension of the Nexus line into tablet territory or a completely different brand.

This isn't just a rogue report, either. News and rumor site DigiTimes is reporting similar plans after speaking with "sources at the PC industry in Taiwan." According to DigiTimes, PC vendors fear Google will give itself an unfair advantage by loading its Nexus tablet up with Android 4.1, while all the other Ice Cream Sandwich tablets being rolled out in the first half of 2012 will sport Android 4.0. They also fear cannibalization.

Worries aside, a Google tablet might be just what Android needs in order to take a shot at the iPad, especially if it sets the bar high enough to where all other players are forced to step up their game.

Image Credit: flickr "jolieodell"

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