Google's Chrome Search Alterations Gain Detractors

Brittany Vincent

Detractors want to do away with new tabs page

Google has been tweaking the way we use Chrome to search, and the experimenting doesn't exactly sit well with a good amount of users who have been testing out the changes. This is in response to Google's promise last month to offer updates for those using more outdated versions of Chrome.

The redesigned tab page has opened to a massive amount of criticism. The new tab page is opened by pressing Ctrl + T and it's a graphical overhaul with a Google search field and images of the 8 pages users visit the most. Commenters weren't exactly fond of the idea, as reported by PC World , as it adds additional mouse clicks and placement of buttons they don't exactly find practical.

It may seem like an innocuous enough change, but it's prompting anger from Chrome users everywhere who are clamoring for a way to revert back to normal. This can be done by typing "Chrome://flags" into the Chrome "omnibox," then changing the Enable Instant Extended API setting from Enable to Disable. Or you can, you know, ignore the change altogether.

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