Google's Chinese Employees May Have Had Hand in Attacks

Ryan Whitwam

Rumors are swirling that indicate the recent attacks on Google’s servers may have been carried out with the help of some China-based Google employees . According to sources, a number of employees at the China offices were placed on mandatory leave, and others were transferred. Google even went so far as to briefly cut the workers off from the network to make sure it was secure.

Google is currently remaining tight lipped about this bit of the puzzle. This is strange considering how forthcoming they were with other details. The attack took advantage of a known security hole in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser. This has led France and Germany to recommend their citizens stop using the browser for the time being.

Could this be the real reason Google seems so ready to pull out of China? If they suspect their own employees were convinced to assist in the attack, they may feel the situation is already out of control. Are we getting the real story here? Let us know in the comments.

Image via The Ecomomist

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