Google's Android Device Manager Releasing Later This Month

Brittany Vincent

Locate your device in a flash with app-based location service

Sick and tired of losing your phone? Need some help when you've misplaced it? Google has a solution for you: the Android Device Manager service. Similar to Apple's Find My iPhone, this life-saving app will be released later in the month and can aid in pulling you out of some potentially sticky situations.

Of course, like source PCMag reports, varying degrees of "lost" must be considered when implementing this new service. You could potentially just call your phone to find it, but what if you've somehow left your phone at the bank or someone has stolen it? That's where the Device Manager comes in, allowing you to locate your device via PC by logging into your Google account.

If for some reason your phone or tablet is gone for good, or in a location where it's not feasible to recover, you have the option to remotely wipe all sensitive data from the phone as a fail-safe.

Now if the Device Manager could somehow keep us from forgetting where we've misplaced our charge cables, that would be excellent.

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