Google Warns Users Against Driving While Using Google Glass in Updated Terms of Service



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I have not followed Google Glass that closely but I thought that was one of the purposes of Glass. Turn by turn navigation in a HUD – to me – would be at least as safe if not safer than the standard talking box on the dash. If you Bluetooth in the speedometer, it could be even safer.

My talking box on the dash has an option for playing MP3s. I would hope people don’t go configuring that while driving; the same applies to Glass. Perhaps glass should have a driving mode to automatically disable receiving texts and such so it can be used in this manner.

What do you think?



I'm with you on this one, Eddie. I've thought for a long time that HUD/augmented-reality features could be quite useful in cars to provide pertinent information while keeping your eyes on the road. Obviously there are limits to that; you don't want to flood the windshield/vision with information or have people playing Angry Birds during their 70 mph commute.

I guess I'll have to wait until I can play with Google Glass to see if it would be a problem for reasonable usage. Obviously if you have to shift your focus to use Glass, your eyes aren't really on the road.



No matter what any company puts in the TOS, or what laws a State has written, you can't stop Stupid people from being Stupid. This is why Stupid morons continue to Talk & Text while they drive & end up killing themselves, and at worse, someone else. & they will do the same thing with Google Glass because they think They Can.



The fact is that most people just cannot use something like Glass at the same time they are doing other functions. It's why combat helicopter and fighter pilots can do what they do. It's why they get so much training on such things. But here we are making HUDs for people that can't multitask watching TV and drinking a beer. Google needs to work on a safety function that will disable Glass while in a moving car rather than just take the lazy approach and update their terms of service. Because who actually reads those things much less obeys them?



You know, after one passes 16 and obtains a driver's license, one is expected to realize the shortcomings when using distracting devices while operating a moving killing machine, and control oneself accordingly. Google is not responsible for parenting the people.