Google Talks Android L, Set-Top Box, and More at I/O Developer Conference



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Anup More

Simply great!! Android, Android & Android, it will be now everywhere just because of Google. Google is one of the best company in the World creating opportunities. By integrating Android in TV & Auto, Google is now encouraging developers to choose their career as an Android developer. This is one of the reasons why I like Android so much. As an Android App Development Company, I do believe that by developing Android based devices, Google is increasing the opportunities for both companies and developers.



Google has it's eyes on everyone, giving them a huge competitive advantage over the likes of Apple. You can't go wrong with a company driven by their own inherent market researching engine. And anyone that recognized this when they were much smaller as a company is laughing all the way to the bank.

Out with the 20th century and in with the 21st !



It's good to see some push away from smart TVs and back toward separation in devices. Smart devices, Dumb monitors. That's what every end user benefits from, and what we should all demand.



What about the Android watch? Although there seems to be numerous designs and implementations for this idea, I think this could be a welcome development. I think the Android watch would be a great alternative to the goggles. In fact, I don't understand why they don't make an inexpensive, smaller watch designed around the goggles software/UI.



'Nice to see Apple knocked off its comfortable perch, or at least getting some serious pre-emptive competition.

'Not sure how comfortable I am in Google extending their increasingly invasive reach though.



That's why you buy an Android phone that's been on the market for some time and load up Cyanogen Mod.