Google Splits Up Drive Mobile App



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How does Google's QuickOffice fit into this? With Microsoft Office Mobile is now available for all, the mobile document editing market is saturated as it is.



Editing offline is a big improvement. Sometimes I input data on an Android tablet in an area far from any wifi or cell signal.



That's disappointing. Now I won't have everything in one place. I didn't really do much editing on my phone but I did on my tablet.

Google's apps on Android have always been bloated, but not because they contained too many features.

Their Gmail app is ridiculously bloated, and will crash opening even some <100 message threads that are devoid of attachments even on devices with 1 to 2 gigs of RAM.

Their Gmail app _STILL_ doesn't allow for even the most basic of tasks, like formatting text. What kind of email app doesn't allow for that?