Google Responds to Microsoft's Scroogled Campaign with Witty Retort



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Does Microsoft have to pay Google a licensing fee to use the Chrome logo on their shirts?



While Google's security isn't necessarily great, they are at least pushing the envelope in other areas such as wearable computing, fiber-izing America and pushing internet speeds, and creating automated cars that will bring mobility to millions of disabled, elderly, or individuals otherwise unable to dive.

There are, after all, companies who's sole purpose is to sue into the ground anything that remotely looks like their IP and not bring anything to market. We could do worse than Google and even Microsoft.

No company's perfect but Google is trying out an interesting business model.



You mean make awesome things because of money from ads tailored to me that I probably ignore anyway, using my browsing data that I don't give a shit and neither should anybody?

Like they aren't fucking taking my credit card info or stealing my dog what's the issue really?



There are those on here who are very upset about some Google products.

Personally I think that having my every move connected to my email via Google chrome is a pain in the arse. So I mostly use Firefox. Little things like that bother me but that's mostly my opinion. However, there are those who think that Google is taking the whole world to hell in a hand basket.



Microsoft is by no means innocent either. They do the same things that Google do. Difference so far is that Google is at least showing that they are trying to protect your the data they take, where MS is giving it directly to the NSA by not encrypting the data between centers. I also wonder if it's just a matter of time before a massive backdoor is revealed in Windows other than the fact that they tell the NSA about security flaws and then don't patch them until they are called on it.



I doubt ms does it voluntarily. As much as I remember, ms said that they will give info only if nsa comes with a court order(something that obligates every company), while gmail is leaking like a diarrhea.

But,if I have to be a realistic, (flashy song in the background starts there is always someone fucked in the circle of life :D