Google Pwnium 4 Event Invites Hackers to Crack Chrome OS



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it would create competition between bad hackers and good hackers....
game has begun...

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My team already won this one, but not...

We were already able to achieve this one; but on a variation of a model that is not included in the contest. Unfortunately the contest does not include the HP Chromebook 14-q070nr; not being all that different from the base scale model by the same company.

...And not to give up too soon. A variation of this one might be made to work on that entry level model which is presently included in the contest.

Btw, we also could presently not get it to (yet) work on the Acer.

Also a bit more about the article... From where our team is located at... Fifteen hundred dollars per person minimum, to travel. But at that price what is there to lose.



this will only hurt the NSA and those bad hackers that steal data.


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Nothing like giving hackers a head start....